Richard A. Sherman, CPA

RIchard A. Sherman, CPA - Arlington, Mansfield, Fort Worth and all of DFW Metroplex Richard A. Sherman consulting with client.

Servicing Arlington, Mansfield, Fort Worth and all of DFW Metroplex


What does your business mean to you? On a practical level, it is your livelihood. On an emotional level, it is the sum total of your financial hopes and dreams. In both cases, your business success is key to your future wellbeing. It is too important to leave to hope, a faceless “program,” or a “firm” which farms the real work out to junior staff accountants who have no real knowledge of you, or your business.


When it comes to your business, medical practice, real estate, or tax planning, you need a partner you can trust.  A local team player, right here in Arlington, Mansfield, Fort Worth, and covers the DFW Metroplex.  You need a CPA with experience and a solid history of 35 years of successful business management.


Richard, understands business in Arlington, Fort Worth and all of North Texas. Unlike many CPAs, Richard is not turning his practice into a “virtual” firm, communicating only through internet forms and automated response and filings. He has real world management experience and will sit down with you in person, learn your business methods and goals, and strategize at your side for maximum growth and security.  It is a valuable service, Texas style, face to face, owner to owner, with a proven track record.

Medical Practice Management and Consulting

Grow You Practice, Maximize Income, and Reduce Costs with one of the most qualified healthcare management consultants in Arlington, Mansfield, Fort Worth and all of DFW Metroplex with over 23 years of experience specifically in medical practice management.

Business Planning

Your business is too important to leave it to chance, luck, or mere hope in an improving economy. You need a business consultant with experience managing businesses for growth, through good times and bad.

Accounting Services, In-Person Presentation of Monthly Statements

Financial statements are key to understanding your business, Richard takes the time to personally present this information every month, to ensure that you understand it thoroughly and to discuss your business' future.  He is the certified public accountant who understands your needs.

Real Estate Investment Management and Accounting

Real Estate accounting and tax preparation requires a thorough understanding of tax law and depreciation, particularly capital gains. Having spent much of his career managing real estate investment and development companies, Richard is a leading DFW Metroplex real estate CPA.

Tax Filing, Preparation and Pro-Active Planning

Reliable, accurate and safe tax planning, preparation and filing.  No computer program can understand your tax and financial situation or offer you appropriate advice based upon your individual needs, for that you need Richard A, Sherman, CPA.  He has a deft understanding of tax law, and knows that problems foreseen are calamities avoided.