Decisions Which Seem Small Can Have Big Consequences in Real Estate Accounting

Real estate accounting and taxation is a specialty field which many accountants tackle, but few fully understand.  Proper real estate accounting extends far beyond a simply inflation adjusted basis for calculating gains, and requires a thorough understanding of the consequences of loan origination, fees vs. interest rates, exchange, entity formation, and inheritance tax consequences.


Having spent much of his career  managing real estate investment and development companies, Richard A. Sherman, CPA, is one of the most qualified  real estate accounting consultants in the Arlington, Mansfield, Fort Worth and all of the DFW Metroplex.  This is a specialty in which careful attention to detail, conscientious concern, and absolute integrity are vital to success.


Because of the long-term nature of real estate contracts and loans, every aspect of the purchase and management, is simply too important to trust to an inexperienced party or mere tax accountant.  With Richard A.Sherman, CPA, you gain more than tax advice, you gain an advocate, who brings real world knowledge of real estate taxes and financial planning to the table.  His knowledge is invaluable, and his sense of duty and integrity are unmatched.


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