Reliable Accounting Records and Sound Planning, The Cornerstones To Business Success

There was a time when dad ran the store and mom could keep the books, tallying totals at the end of each day to calculate profit and loss, putting a little aside for rainy days and savings.


To most business owners, those days seem long gone.  But an efficient accounting system, put into practice and overseen by a competent professional can make financial record keeping almost as seamless and pain free as it was back in your grandfather’s era.  It is simply a matter of choosing the correct system and a certified public accountant who understands your needs.  Richard has over 35 years of experience which he brings to Arlington, Mansfield, Fort Worth, and North Texas communities.


He can create a seamless system which will allow you to track and understand your financial progress.  Even more important, he doesn’t put the system in place and disappear until tax filing season a year later.  He takes his clients too seriously for such cavalier treatment.  Every month, he holds an in-person consultation to go over your financial statements, to strategize, to help you see areas to reduce costs and increase revenues, to offer his expertise to your staff and be sure that all questions are answered thoroughly and completely.

Business will benefit from the following services:

  • Business Consulting and Cash Flow Management
  • Monthly Financial Statements, Presented in-Person
  • Income Tax Preparation at All Levels
  • Payroll Processing and All Related Federal and State Filings
  • Bank Reconciliations and All General Ledger Reconciliation
  • Depreciation Schedules


Call Richard today 817-991-3648 or contact his office by e-mail, for a complimentary consultation.