A Relationship Based on Trust and Integrity

Every business owner has had the feeling one time or another, “If only I had a really reliable partner, a trusted advisor who had the answers and experience that I lack.”


Richard A. Sherman, CPA, is that trusted partner, an experienced advisor, one who can understand your goals and help you strategize based upon actual cash flow and real world expectations. He is a consultant who can help you see your dream through to fruition based on cash flow rather than debt. Richard A. Sherman, CPA, is the Fort Worth and Arlington area accountant with 35 years of experience, doing far more than preparing taxes or making entries on endless forms, he has real management experience. He understands the challenges small businesses face, and he can help you grow your North Texas business, reliably and safely.


Your business is too important to leave it to chance, luck, or mere hope in an improving economy. You need a business consultant with experience managing real businesses for growth, through good times and bad. And you need one who has an unequaled grasp of financial statements and their consequences. Even more, you need an advisor who is available when you need him, face to face, at a reasonable monthly fee; rather than a faceless computer program, chat room, or on a per call basis.


Richard A. Sherman, CPA, offers Arlington, Irving and Fort Worth the ability to benefit from his more than three decades of experience. In addition, he meets regularly in person with each of his clients, because he firmly believes that business is about people and partnerships. With Richard A. Sherman, CPA, you and your business gain far more than an accountant, you gain a loyal advisor who regards it as a duty and a privilege to treat you and your business with the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and attention to detail.

Call Richard A. Sherman, CPA today 817-991-3648 or contact his office by e-mail, for a complimentary consultation.